Best Buy has the Samsung Galaxy Gear at $149 today

Samsung Galaxy Gear
By Phil Nickinson on 14 Feb 2014 08:50 am

As part of its Deal of the Day, Best Buy has certain colors of the Samsung Galaxy Gear as low as $149. That's half of what you'd normally pay for the full-color (and full-Android) smartwatch.

Not every color is on sale, though. You've got rose gold, lime green, oatmeal beige and orange to choose from. (The remaining colors are still $50 off, though, so you can get them for $249.)

Here are the links for the specific colors:

Thanks, nate1dawgg, for the tip!



Holy shit! Too bad I have an HTC One and a pebble already


I would go for one of these.

If I lived in the US.

And had a Samsung phone.

Oh well.

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Seriously considering getting one. Do you know if the offer is good only online? And do have to have a Galaxy phone to make good use of it?

Adam Zeis

Pretty sure it's online only. You can get it to work with other Android devices, but the setup is kind of a pain and you won't get 100% of the features. 

Doug Meade

As an S4 owner - It would be tempting ... if it weren't for that ridiculous camera they shoved in the band.
Ugh. Horrible design idea.

Hurry up Google... we all know you're dreaming up SOMETHING.
(i'm eventually gonna cave and get a pebble steel - I'm sure Google will announce their offering 12 hours after I pony up for something else.) :)

Illustrator Joe

I agree with the camera. Terrible. I wonder what percentage of users actually use the camera on a regular basis.

Karvoris Freeman

Where should it go?

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Doug Meade

But it looks ridiculous where it is. :)

IMHO... putting a camera on a watch just doesn't make much sense.

Illustrator Joe

Personally I don't think a smartwatch needs a camera at all.


Nice price... what it should have been all along but either way... good deal.

Doug Meade

Agreed. No way the gear should be more than $150.


I'd be all over that... you know...if there was a way to make it work with my Z10

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It is very tempting, but my No.1 rule for a new watch is that it can't be hideous.
Sorry Sammy, but the band and the camera hump are ridiculous whatever the price is.
I mean for what I usually wear that is.

Doug Meade

same here. $150 is a nice little sale price... but I'm not gonna spend $150 for a watch I don't like.


I just bought it for the deal, got home tried it out will be returning it I feel my Sony Smart watch 2 does better for what I need it for.

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They sold out so i guess 150 is the magic retail price

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Was going to buy but they were sold oit when I saw the deal. Now Nothing is in Stock. New version should be coming soon. Any rumors on that?

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